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    @edsheeran: Sang give me love onstage tonight with @ddlovato and it was super awesome. What a champ

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  4. muchmusic:

    Yes, Ed Sheeran showed up in a chip truck and Yes, he gave chips to fans!

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  5. taylorswift:

    Making erratic and impulsive decisions as a result of missing my roommate. 

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  6. geniusplaylist:

    I don’t wanna talk

    'Cause it'll only hurt more…

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    Hit Me Baby One More Time - Ed Sheeran [x]


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  9. "Taylor and Elton are two of the people I would play music to and really listen to their advice. Taylor has not put a wrong foot, ever. So I played her every song I ever wrote for this album."
    — Ed Sheeran (x)

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  10. donatellavevo:

    Taylor Swift better calm the fuck down before somebody gets hurts

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